Legislative Alerts

Here are current list of bills the LGBTQ+ Democratic Caucus of Florida is watching

HB 935 / HB 1475 / SB 2012 Youth Gender and Sexual Identity Sex-specific Student Athletic Teams or Sports Promoting Equality of Athletic Opportunity OPPOSE

HB 6017 / SB 558 / SB 632 Marriages Between Persons of the Same Sex Marriage Equality SUPPORT

HB 241 / SB 582 Parental Bill of Rights OPPOSE

HB 493 / SB 1356 Driver License and Identification Card Gender Designation SUPPORT

HB 655 / SB 600 Private School Eligibility Requirements for Participation in Educational Scholarship Programs SUPPORT

HB 43 / SB 194 Crimes Evidencing Prejudice SUPPORT

HB 1465 / SB 1618 HIV Prevention Justice Act SUPPORT

HB 1471 / SB 718 Gay and Transgender Panic Legal Defenses SUPPORT

HB 607 / SB 928 Antiretroviral Drugs SUPPORT

HB 1 / SB 484 Combating Public Disorder OPPOSE

HB 281 / SB 86 Postsecondary Education Financial Matters Student Financial Aid OPPOSE

SB 90 Election Administration OPPOSE

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