Statement on National Coming Out Day

Citrus Equality Caucus celebrates the 33rd anniversary of National Coming Day on October 11th. Coming Out Day was inspired In the wake of the 1987 March on Washington where over half a million LGBTQ+ people participated in the first of its kind rally for LGBTQ+ Rights.

Creating a welcoming, safe community where everyone can be their authentic self is part of the mission of the Equality Caucus. The path towards acceptance in a small, rural community can be a long one, but begins with simple kindness and a willingness to learn about each other.

“While marriage equality and increased visibility of our community in the media and other forums have helped turn the tide from tolerance to acceptance, coming out is something that evolves over one’s lifetime,” said Nathan Sharp, President of the Citrus Equality Caucus. “Many of us start the process by telling a trusted friend or close relative but that’s only the beginning of the process. Each time we start a new job, move to a new neighborhood or meet someone new we’re faced with the decision on whether to live our truth or stay in the closet.”

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