Statement on Today’s LAB Action

Contact: Nathan Sharp

Phone: (954) 706-1144

Lecanto, Florida Release: March 22, 2021. For Immediate release

The Citrus County Library Advisory Board (LAB) met today to reconsider the permissibility of Pride Displays at our county libraries. After hours of public comment and a robust discussion from the board, the motion to reconsider the displays was defeated. The policy will now go back to the BOCC for further review. We urge the BOCC to allow the LAB and the Director of Library Services to continue their professional work without interference from the political process.

Democratic Equality Caucus of Citrus County President Nathan Sharp issued the following statement in response to today’s decision.

“Today was a small win for Democracy and freedom. The purpose of a library is to provide a wealth of information on a variety of topics, regardless of whether they offend someone or not. We expect the fight to continue at the BOCC level, and that the usual crowd of bigots, both from our hometown and imported from counties across the state will be on hand to speak at the next meeting of the BOCC.”

“Our county is chartered under democratic principles, not those of a theocracy. Residents espousing their religious beliefs in a public forum seemed to have missed the fact that they’re indulging in the very act of indoctrination that they accuse the LGBTQ+ Community of doing. The blatant untruths, conspiracy theories, and discredited science given today during public comment about the LGBTQ+ Community is concerning and further proof that our libraries must continue to provide educational resources.”


About Citrus Equality Caucus

The Democratic Equality Caucus of Citrus County represents the LGBTQ+ community to the Democratic Party, encourages voter registration, promotes an active interest in politics, and supports Democratic candidates who are committed to the principle that all persons deserve equal rights regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

We value diversity and welcome anyone who shares our vision.

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